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We sell books by Derrick Browne. We also sell books by other authors, including Ron Klinger.

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Beginner and Improver books and flippers by Derrick Browne

begbridg improver benj2s flipper

Beginners' Bridge $14.95
Easy conversational style, rich in examples. Based on 5-card majors and 15-17 NT. Six chapters, 128 pages, 2-colour printing. Ideal for a class or small private group. Add $2 postage (per total order).

Improvers' Bridge $16.95 Refresh and consolidate your basics. Based on 5-card majors, this book covers the key points of standard bidding (suit and notrump bidding, Stayman and Blackwood,overcalls, doubles and preempts) and play (leads, finesses and much more). Add $2 postage (per total order).

  Benjamin Twos $9.95
  The comprehensive guide      to  this popular method of      two-  openings, which            packs the  punch of weak      twos yet allows for precise    definitions of strong hands.   "The book I would like to        have been able  to write" -  Albert  Benjamin. Add $2 postage (per total order).

5-card Majors Flipper $9.95
Providing pithy advice for new and developing players, the flipper is also a convenient outline of Standard bidding. It is split into 10 "flippable" sections and includes a duplicate bridge scorer at the back. Specify Benjamin Twos or Strong 2 version. Add $2 postage (per total order).


Beginners Play

Beginners play $14.95  Designed for novice bridge players only-provides a basic introduction to key areas of card play. Focuses on fundamental principles of declarer play and defence. Add $2 postage (per total order)


Imp play cover

Improvers play $16.95  Picks up the pace on declarer play and defence with topics including ruffing and discarding losers, signals and discards, finessing, holdup play and more. Add $2 postage (per total order)

Intermediate and Advanced books, pamphlets and flippers by Derrick Browne


IntermedCover modflipper ADV COntest uncontested_front_cover

Intermediate Bridge $16.95

This book takes over where Improvers' Bridge left off, covering transfers, negative doubles, the Unusual Notrump, and a review and update of standard bidding including reverses, shape showing and slams. Add $2 postage (per total order).

Modern Standard Flipper $9.95
This flipper for intermediate to advanced players includes modern conventions such as transfers, Checkback, Jacoby 2NT, Simple & Puppet Stayman, trial bids, Keycard Blackwood & more.
Add $2 postage (per total order).
Advanced Bridge: Contested Auctions $16.95
Covers cue raises, responsive doubles, Michaels cue bids, balancing and more. As with other books in the series, card play tips also feature.Add $2 postage (per total order).

Advanced Bridge: Uncontested Auctions $16.95

Topics include Jacoby 2NT, Keycard, Control bidding, 4-suit transfers, Fourth Suit Forcing, Weak jump shifts, Splinters and Checkback, plus play tips. Add $2 postage (per total order).


Trumps Pamphlet Series   $2ea

  • 2-over-1 Game Force
  • Balancing
  • Benjamin Twos           
  • Bergen Raises
  • Bidding Mantras
  • Card Play Mantras
  • Cheat Sheet
  • Checkback 2
  • Control Bidding
  • Counting Losers
  • Cue Raises
  • Defence vs Preempts
  • D.O.N.T
  • Doubles
  • Duplicate Strategy
  • Drury
  • Etiquette & Alerts
  • Finessing
  • Five-card Standard
  • Forcing Defence
  • Fourth Suit Forcing
  • Inverted Minors
  • Is It Forcing?
  • Jacoby 2NT (expert J2NT also available)
  • Kickback
  • Landy (& Multi Landy)
  • Laws Of Bridge
  • Laws of Total Tricks
  • Leads
  • Lebensohl


  • Michaels Cue Bids
  • Modern response to 1NT
  • Multi 2 & RCO twos
  • Negative Doubles
  • Overcalls
  • Preempts
  • Puppet Stayman
  • Redoubles
  • Responder's Rebids
  • Reverses
  • Roman Keycard 30/14
  • Roman Keycard 14/30
  • Sacrificing
  • SAYC
  • Serious 3NT
  • Scoring
  • Signals
  • Splinters
  • Stayman
  • Strong 2
  • Support Doubles
  • Third Hand Play
  • Transfer response to 1
  • Transfers
  • Unusual Notrump
  • Weak Notrump
  • XYZ

(Add $2 Postage)


Intermediate Bridge Play Problems for web

Intermediate Bridge Play Problems (by Tina Zines, edited by Derrick Browne) $16.95  Features 50 wide-ranging puzzles that will test - and improve - your play and defence. Tackle each one yourself, then see if your answer matches the one overleaf! Add $2 postage (per total order).


2 over 1 cover


2-over-1 Flipper $9.95

This flipper outlines the modern "Two-Over-One Game Force" system. All common situations are covered, with particular focus on this method's unique features. Add $2 postage (per total order).







Note that teachers (members of the ABTA) and affiliated clubs receive a 40% discount for orders over $100 (postage not included) on all Browne publications. Extra for postage and packing, or credit charges.


 We have found the books to be better than other authors on the same topics - succinct and very much to the point.                                                                                                            -Donald Bridge Club

I must say, that i really enjoy teaching from these books. I have used many books and these are the best. Well done.                                                                                                    -Nicky O'Connell(Rockingham BC)

To place an order, ring (02) 9969 5959 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..