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So it did not quite go as you hoped and you are not sure why? Trumps players should feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will respond by email and publish the question (with just your initials) and answer here on the website. Make sure you give us all the relevant information such as the full bidding, dealer and vulnerability and information about any relevant conventions. A jpg, png or gif image of the hand is good (snap it with a phone camera such as CamScanner) - otherwise please list all the cards for each hand such as S KJT84 H A973 D - C QJT2.

4H overcall?

CC wrote: We are playing duplicate. Both sides vulnerable

East is the dealer and opens 1S. South’s hand is H AK8652  D AK6 C KT95 and bids 4H. Is this a legitimate bid?

Rationale for the bid was East should have 13 or more points to open therefore North South probably can’t make a slam. Four Hearts is probably a good contract and why not bid it immediately and interfere with the opponents' bidding.

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How to bid this hand?

Q tony 1603Tony asked: How would you bid this hand?

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Odds of 8 card suits

EF wrote: Can you say what the probability is of one pair of players at duplicate having eight card suits, three times, over the course of play during one afternoon?

With no dealing machines, other than humans, will very odd distribution be found in the boards?

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Honour bonus

If the opposing team has the hundred honours on your bid do they get the 100 points. - GB

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Partner's new suit response after a weak two opening

AC wrote: This happened at our informal Monday duplicate session. I was called over to bid on a hand where one partner had to leave unexpectedly. I was dealer, sitting West. We play SAYC and E-W were vulnerable. I held:

S AQTxxx
H xxx
D xxx
C 9

The bidding went:

W  N  E  S
2S 3D 4C Pass

I had described my hand as limited and assumed that the 4C bid showed length and strength. I ended up passing and my temporary partner told me I should have rebid my spades. How would you have interpreted his bid and should I have said bid else? (I know my preempt pushed the envelope!)

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Strange lead

As East I open One No Trump (weak) and the rest pass. All vulnerable.

South held:

S Q5
H K874
D 965
C A872

What would be a normal lead from South and why? - CS

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After partner doubles their 4S opening?

LS asked: If the opponent to my left opens 4S, and my partner doubles, is it wrong for me to pass if I feel we can set them and I don't have a major or 5 card minor?

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