Mind sport

IMG 0777Try this quick quiz. What are the five “mind sports” that feature in the World Mind Games?

The 2011 World Mind Games were held in Beijing. The bridge section featured men’s and women’s events for teams, pairs and individual. Holland won the Men’s Teams and China won the Men’s Pairs. The other four events were won by the USA.

Besides bridge, the mind sports are chess, drafts, go, and xiangqi (Chinese chess).

Here is a deal from the Men’s Individual:

It seems that South, Ulf Tundal, has four trump winners (as they are sitting over declarer’s honours) and the HA to win at least.

He led the DK, won by dummy’s ace. Malinowski then called for the H10, covered by the queen, king and ace. Tundal now switched to a spade.

Malinowski won in dummy with the SA and ruffed a diamond, played the HJ and ruffed a heart, ruffed another diamond, cashed the SK and led his last heart. This was the position: 

          S QT9
          H 8
          D -
          C 2
WEST                EAST
S J4                S -
H -                 H 6
D T9                D -
C 7                 C KJ96
          S -
          H - 
          D J
          C AQT8

Tundal could ruff with the C8 to prevent dummy ruffing and then exit with the DJ, but then when declarer ruffed that and led a club, South would win and have to lead clubs himself, allowing declarer to score the CK for nine tricks and +670 on the board, an outright top.