6C contest at Trumps Summer Teams

The Trumps Summer Teams on 16 February was won by Chris Dibley, Chris Stead, Yumin Li and Peter Jeffery.Gill hand

The event runners-up (David Beauchamp, Anita Curtis, David Fryda and David Hudson) clashed against the third-placed team (Les Grewcock, Peter Gill, Ruth Tobin and Liz Sylvester) on this deal reported by Peter Gill, where Grewcock and Fryda (both playing West) each made slam.

Grewcock opened 1C, Beauchamp bid 2NT (unusual, for the two lowest unbid suits, the reds), Sylvester bid 4NT, 5H by Curtis, pass, pass, 6C by East.

Grewcock won the heart lead, drew the missing trump, stripped the spades (SA, SK, ruff a spade) and led a low diamond from dummy towards the nine, covering when the D10 appeared. 100% play. Nice. 

At the other table - 1C by Fryda, pass by Tobin, 2C by Hudson, 3C by Gill (Michaels Cue, showing both majors), 5C by Fryda, pass, very slow well-judged 6C by Hudson. SJ lead, trumps drawn and again declarer (Fryda) stripped the hearts and spades. Low diamond from dummy, ducking Gill’s ten of diamonds. 1370. Flat board.

Of the 18 tables, six played 6C (four of them making), while six North-South pairs were in 6H doubled going two or three down (a good sacrifice, as long as the opponents were going to make 6C!).