Bridge holidays available through Trumps Bridge Centre...

Trumps Bridge Travel holidays



Trumps runs several bridge holidays each year, from weekends away to cruises abroad. The co-ordinator is Derrick Browne, and John Newman is also involved.

For details about any of the holidays, or to let us know you are interested in bridge holidays, email us now or ring (02) 9969 5959 and we will send you a brochure. The usual deposit is $100pp for local weekend or mid-week breaks, more for overseas trips and cruises.

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Travel insurance

If you are interested in the travel insurance organised by the Australian Bridge Federation (ABF) and wish to complete an application, go to the TBIB website and follow the instructions. Those aged 75 will need to first fill in a medical assessment, also available on the website. Cover is available for eligible people up to 90 years old (sorry, no cover for those aged 91 years or older). Alternatively you can contact the ABF Travel Insurance team – phone 07 3252 5254 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information. The policy normally comes into effect from 1 March, with cover for up to a year (expiry at the end of February).