Using this site...

Using this site

FAQ articles on how to use this site...

Joining the community

This FAQ item will outline the advantages of joining this community and guide you through the steps of joining. It is simple and straightforward and will be done in a snap.

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User permission levels

Want to understand the difference between a registered user and an author on this site? Or a publisher? This table provides details about the permission levels of the different user levels of this site. As you will see, while becoming a registered user is open to all, only an administrator can grant a registered user a higher permission level. Send me a message if you think you should have a higher permission level.

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Subscribing to the RSS feed

One way to ensure you keep up-to-date with the latest important news from this community is to set up an RSS Site Feed. Your RSS feed reader will then show the title and first line of any new content item that appears on the site's front page. Here's how.

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Changing your password

So you have forgotten your password and had it reset by using the "Lost password" option in the Login Menu, and now want to change it to something that makes sense to you? Or just want to change your password? Here is how:

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Getting Started...

Hi! You could be here for any number of reasons, so there are many places you might want to start. This article includes a range of options - choose the one that is right for you:

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