Registering for Trumps Online

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"I had never played online before. Mark Hetherington was an unbelievable help! Now I can even play with my friends in Germany, which I'd never been able to do. I think it's wonderful what you've done." Maureen Grey.

When the COVID pandemic resulted in Trumps having to suspend face to face games, staff and volunteer members worked on ways to keep the club spirit via online activities, as you may have seen in the Video message from Derrick we put out.

Now we have Individual games on FunBridge (who give you some free games, then charge a small amount) and regular duplicates on BBO (costing BB$3).

Initial steps you need to take please

If you have not yet done so, please join (for free) BBO and preferably FunBridge. From each of these you should obtain a user/screen name. Once you have completed as much of this process as possible, please include these details in the Trumps Online Registration Form (a link to this also appears at the bottom of this section). First, here are the sites to join:

Bridgebase Online (BBO)


  • Funbridge Signup  
  • <agree to everything if asked>
  • Choose screen name (same as username)
  • Enter email and password
  • Agree to receive newsletters and offers as you wish
  • Press button "Create"
  • Choose country and club later
  • You can now play direct from the web interface (no need to download the app)
  • We are running Trumps Bridge Individual Start-of-week (to 4pm Tuesday), Mid-week (to 4pm Thursday) and Weekend (to 9am Monday) tournaments


  • Join Stepbridge
  • press join up
  • complete form including your ABF number
  • they email you later with a player name (same as username and screen name)
  • you then have to download the program for Windows or follow instructions for installing on iPAD or Android

It does not cost anything to register with any of these sites, and playing costs are low. 

Once you have done as much of this as you can, and even if you have done none of it because you find it daunting, please click on the link at the end of this to complete a form registering your interest with Trumps Online. It collects the user/screen names you have on these sites and makes the information available to other members.  

Once you have completed this form, the information is published to a spreadsheet where you and other members who have also filled it in can see each others' details, allowing you to hook up with other members on these sites. You will be given the chance to save the link to the spreadsheet (for privacy reasons we do not publish it on this website). And we can update you from time to time about the online games are are running.

The form is quite easy to complete.

Link to Trumps Online Registration Form

You should also register your BBO name with the ABF to ensure you receive masterpoints won on BBO. If you are already on the ABF mailing list (you are receiving emails from the ABF) you should have got an email asking to update your information, or sign up here if you aren't registered with the ABF