How to play on StepBridge


  • Join StepBridge (if not joined before)
  • complete form including your ABF number (yes you can get MPs playing here)
  • StepBridge email you later with a player name (same as username and screen name)
  • provide us your StepBridge username so we can add to our club list (we currently have no StepBridge games, but if we start some, this will be VERY IMPORTANT)
  • you then have to download the program 

You may like to to view some videos on the help section before starting to play, to have a feel of the game. 

A checklist before joining StepBridge games:

    • You may register for our tournament on the day or a day before, again make sure you have provided us your StepBridge user name.
    • Login and you will see StepBridge games. Click on the tournament and Join activity button; then you enter your partner's username and invite, call your partner and ask to accept invitation. (See Help section below for a video)
    • Make sure you and partner are both at your computers and ready for the tournament at least five minutes before it starts. When the game commences you will then find yourself at your table with partner, opponents, and boards to play. The clock is now ticking - GO!
    • You may use the chat function at the bottom of your screen to greet your opponents or call director etc.
    • You "self-alert" your own bids (if unusual or artificial) using the option at the bottom of your bidding box, which also allows you to offer an explanation. This is visible to your opponents, not to partner. If you forgot to alert a bid initailly you may do by selecting Opps+spectators from the chat box.
    • There is a CLAIM button which can be used if you want to claim tricks also generally a UNDO button which should allow you to make a change if you make a mistake (mailnly mis-clicks).
    • The bidding box is a seperate window and can be moved around (away from your hand if it is covering the cards).
    • Most games are clocked, meaning everyone moves at the same time (if you are running behind, your board is averaged) and the slower side gets 40% 
    • If you suffer a disconnection during the game, connect again and we will attempt to put you back in your seat as soon as possible (someone else may sit there in the interim) 
    • When time permits (if you finish a round early), take the chance to socialise with fellow members of Trumps and our associated clubs.
    • You can view Board Results and Tables via the View menu.

Help Videos

Help Videos (iPad)