Trumps FunBridge Individual

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We are now placing here on the website only the results of our main FunBridge comp, which wraps up after each weekend, and for which we also put one analysed hand. If you would prefer all the results to appear here (i.e. also the Start-of-week and Mid-week comps), please let us know. 


Weekend individual (to weekend of 28 November)

1st: Ingela Byelobrk 66.79% [DB ineligible]

2nd: Heath Henn 65.39% 


Weekend individual (to weekend of 28 November)

1st: Richard Lindsay 68.27% 

2nd: Heath Henn 65.38% [DB ineligible]




Weekend individual (to weekend of 21 November)

1st: Heath Henn 63.84% [DB ineligible]

2nd: Bryan Meagher 60.37%



Weekend individual (to weekend of 14 November)

1st: Delilah D 69.27%

2nd: Richard Lindsay 63.5%




Weekend individual (to weekend of 7 November)

1st: John Ferguson 64.6% [DB ineligible]

2nd: Ingela Byelobrk 59.69% 



Weekend individual (to weekend of 31 October)

1st: Heath Henn 60.57% [DB ineligible]

2nd: James Taylor 58.9% 



Weekend individual (to weekend of 24 October)

1st: Heath Henn 70.94%

2nd: Alex Cook 58.65%  [DB ineligible]



Weekend individual (to weekend of 17 October)

1st: Alex Cook 67.57% [DB ineligible]

2nd: Bryan Meagher 57.84%:



Weekend individual (to weekend of 10 October)

1st: equal Chi Yan 69.29% [DB ineligible]

and Sophie Duchen



Weekend individual (to weekend of 3 October)

1st: Bryan Meagher 67.97% [DB ineligible]

2nd: John Ferguson 66.41%:



Weekend individual (to weekend of 26 September)

1st: Bryan Meagher 67.31%

2nd: Ingela Byelobrk 60.15%: [TrumpsBridge ineligible]



Weekend individual (to weekend of 19 September)

1st: John Ferguson 62.87% [TrumpsBridge ineligible]

2nd: Richard Lindsay 62.5%:



Weekend individual (to weekend of 12 September)

1st: John Ferguson 77.41%

2nd: Chi Yan 67.41%:



Weekend individual (to weekend of 5 September)

1st. John Ferguson 67.89% [TrumpsBridge ineligible]

2nd: Heath Henn 67.44%



Weekend individual (to weekend of 29 August)

1st. Louise Keen 64.45% [TrumpsBridge ineligible]

2nd: Peter Grant 57.42%



Weekend individual (to weekend of 22 August)

1st. James Taylor 74.58%

2nd: John Ferguson 69.58%



Weekend individual (to weekend of 15 August)

1st. Heath Henn 71.66%

2nd: Reto Broger 66.17%



Weekend individual (to weekend of 8 August)

1st. Jane Johnson 76.27%

2nd: James Taylor 68.02%



Weekend individual (to weekend of 1 August)

1st. John Ferguson 67.18%

2nd: Rick 65.62% 



Weekend individual (to weekend of 25 July)

1st. Heath Henn 66.01%

2nd: Louise Keen 63.67% 



Weekend individual (to weekend of 18 July)

1st. Alex Matthews 76.17%

2nd: Reto Broger 67.57% 



Weekend individual (to weekend of 11 July)

1st.weeHeath Henn 62.2%

2nd: David Cay 61.48% 



Weekend individual (to weekend of 4 July)

1st. Heath Henn 73.96%

2nd: Ingela Byelobrk 69.44% 



Weekend individual (to weekend of 27 June)

1st. Ingela Byelobrk 64.58% (TrumpsBridge ineligible)

2nd: Lesley Lamkin 63.74% 



Weekend individual (to weekend of 20 June)

1. Jane Johnson 67.18%

2nd: Heath Henn 64.45% (TrumpsBridge ineligible)



Weekend individual (to weekend of 13 June)

1st: Ingela Byelobrk 59.82%

2nd: Reto Broger 58.03%



Weekend individual (to weekend of 6 June)

1st: Ingela Byelobrk 69.75%

2nd: Pauline Kingsford-Smith 64.07%



Weekend individual (to weekend of 30 May)

1st: James Taylor 69.71% [TrumpsBridge ineligible]

2nd: Reto Broger 63.46%



Weekend individual (to weekend of 23 May)

1st: Judy Oliver 68.33% [TrumpsBridge ineligible]

2nd: Ingela Byelobrk 59.16%




Weekend individual (to weekend of 16 May)

1st: Rick 66.4% [TrumpsBridge ineligible]

2nd: Alex Matthews 64.45%



Weekend individual (to weekend of 9 May)

1st: Heath Henn 68.33% [TrumpsBridge ineligible]

2nd: Yvonne Duchen 62.91%



Weekend individual (to weekend of 2 May)

1st: James Taylor 71.35%

2nd: Jane Johnson 69.03%



Weekend individual (to weekend of 25 April)

1st: Heath Henn 74.38%

2nd: Jane Johnson 56.28%


Weekend individual (to weekend of 11 April)

1st: Inge Rogers 64.58%

2nd: Bryan Meagher & Alex Matthews 61.25%



Weekend individual (to weekend of 28 March)

1st:  Heath Henn 82.11%

2nd: Jane Johnson 75.19% [DB ineligible]



Weekend individual (to weekend of 14 March)

1st: Jane Johnson 75.67%

2nd: Heath Henn 59.63% [DB ineligible]



Weekend individual (to weekend of 7 March)

1st: John Ferguson 67.09%

2nd: Jane Johnson 63.34%



Mid-week to 5 March: 1st Jane Johnson 69.16%, 2nd Alex Cook 63.12%.

Start-of-week to 3 March: 1st Bryan Meagher 66.25%, 2nd Alex Cook 62.56%.


Weekend individual (to weekend of 28 February)

1st: Jane Johnson 63.83% [DB ineligible]

2nd: Lesley Lambkin 59.37%



Mid-week to 25 Feb: First Heath Henn 62%


Start-of-week individual (to Tuesday 23 February)

Equal first: John Ferguson and Heath Henn 62.56%


Weekend individual (to weekend of 21 February)

1st: John Ferguson 68.33%

2nd: Heath Henn 62.5% [DB ineligible]



Mid-week individual (to Thursday 18 February)

1st: Heath Henn 66.93%

2nd: Jane Johnson 65.56%


Weekend individual (to weekend of 14 February)

1st: Alex Cook 70.05% [DB ineligible]

2nd: John Ferguson 62.7% 



Weekend individual (to weekend of 6-7 February)

1st: Peter Grant [Rick629 & DelilahD ineligible]

2nd: John Ferguson 58.2%



Mid-week individual (to Thursday 4 February)

Heath Henn 66.66%

2nd: Judy Oliver 54.68^


Weekend individual (to weekend of 23-24 January)

1st: James Taylor 62.89%

equal with: Meg Cornelius 62.89% 



Mid-week individual (to Thursday 21 January)

Judith Oliver finished top after official finish time, but till then:

1st: Bryan Meagher 64.02%

2nd: John Ferguson 59.51%


Start-of-week individual (to Tuesday 19 January)

1st: John Ferguson 67.97%

2nd: Peter Grant 64.08% [DB ineligible]


 Weekend individual (to weekend of 16-17 January)

1st: Ingela Bjelobrk 64.06%

2nd: Jane Johnson 62.1%



Mid-week individual (to Thursday 14 January)

1st: Bryan Meagher 72.25%

2nd: Heath Henn 63.21% [DB ineligible]


Start-of-week individual (to Tuesday 12 January)

1st: Peter Grant & Heath Henn (equal) 64.9%


Weekend individual (to weekend of 9-10 January)

1st: Alex Cook 66.01%

2nd: Alex Matthews 62.89%



Mid-week individual (to Thursday 7 January)

1st: Jane Johnson 73.66%

2nd: Lesley Lambkin 61.34% 


Start-of-week individual (to Tuesday 5 January)

1st: Alex Matthews 68.4%

2nd: Alex Cook 59.8%


Weekend individual (to weekend of 2-3 January)

1st: Heath Henn 68.56%

2nd: Ingela Byelobrk 65.48%



Start-of-week individual (to Tuesday 29 December)

1st: Alex Cook 67.85%

2nd: Heath Henn 67.41%


Weekend individual (to weekend of 26-27 December)

1st: Bryan Meagher 63.39% [DB ineligible]

2nd: Heath Henn 61.16%



Mid-week individual (to Thursday 24 December)

1st: John Ferguson 64.06% [DB ineligible]

2nd: Louise Keen 59.89%



Start-of-week individual (to Tuesday 22 December)

1st: John Ferguson 67.7%

2nd: Alex Cook 59.37% [DB ineligible]


Weekend individual (to weekend of 19-20 December)

1st: Heath Henn 68.3%

2nd: Jane Johnson 65.17%


Mid-week individual (to Thursday 17 December)

1st: Bryan Meagher 66.87%

2nd: Ingela Byelobrk 59.37%

Instead of a FunBridge analysis, this week we have a deal that Nick Hughes reports, played by Paul Lavings:

 We Three Kings


Start-of-week individual (to Tuesday 15 December)

1st: Ingela Byelobrk 69.04%

2nd: Heath Henn 67.6%


Weekend individual (to weekend of 12-13 December)

1st: Heath Henn 67.27% [DB ineligible]

2nd: James Taylor 65.07%



Mid-week individual (to Thursday 10 December)

1st: Alex Matthews 54.61% [DB ineligible]

2nd: Bryan Meagher 52.35% 


Start-of-week individual (to Tuesday 8 December)

1st: Heath Henn 68.05%

2nd: Bryan Meagher 59.72%


Weekend individual (to weekend of 5-6 December)

1st: Louise Keen 63.23% [DB ineligible]

2nd: Heath Henn 61.39%



Mid-week individual (to Thursday 3 December)

1st: Heath Henn 68.12%

2nd: John Ferguson 66.87%  


Start-of-week individual (to Tuesday 1 December)

1st: Heath Henn & Bryan Meagher (equal) 63.94%


Weekend individual (to weekend of 29-30 November)

1st: Peter Grant 64.86%

2nd: James Taylor 56.77% [DB ineligible]



Mid-week individual (to Thursday 26 November)

1st: Jane Johnson 70.83%

2nd: Heath Henn 59.99% [DB ineligible]  


Start-of-week individual (to Tuesday 24 November)

1st: Heath Henn 61.66%

2nd: Trumps 60%  



Weekend individual (to weekend of 22-23 November)

1st: James Taylor 61.76% [DB ineligible]

2nd: Jane Johnson 60.29%



Start-of-week individual (to Tuesday 17 November)

1st: Alex Matthews 67.63%

2nd: John Ferguson 64.86%  


Weekend individual (to weekend of 15-16 November)

1st: Alex Matthews 71.75% [DB ineligible]

2nd: Heath Henn 69.21%




Mid-week individual (to Thursday 12 November)

1st: Louise Keen 62.41 

2nd: Bryan Meagher 61.71%


Start-of-week individual (to Tuesday 10 November)

1st: Heath Henn 75.96% [DB ineligible]

2nd: John Ferguson 71.63%  


Weekend individual (to weekend of 8-9 November)

1st: John Ferguson 68.75%

2nd: Alex Cook 68.05%



Mid-week individual (to Thursday 5 November)

1st: Heath Henn 66.34% [DB ineligible] 

2nd: Louise Keen 64.42%


Start-of-week individual (to Tuesday 3 November)

1st: Judy Oliver 68.73%

2nd: Alex Cook 64.1% 


Weekend individual (to weekend of 1-2 November)

1st equal: Alex Cook & Jane Johnson 60% [DB ineligible] 



Mid-week individual (to Thursday 29 October)

1st: John Ferguson 69.37%

2nd: Alex Cook 63.81% [DB ineligible]


Start-of-week individual (to Tuesday 27 October)

1st: Jane Johnson 75%

2nd: Bryan Meagher 65.83% 


Weekend individual (to weekend of 24-25 October)

1st: Alex Cook 73.15%

2nd: Louise Keen 67.15% [DB ineligible]



Mid-week individual (to Thursday 22 October)

1st: Alex Cook 69.17%

2nd: Louise Keen 67.15%


Start-of-week individual (to Tuesday 20 October)

1st: Peter Grant 62.5% [DB/D ineligible]

2nd: Louise Keen 59.37%


Weekend individual (to weekend of 17-18 October)

1st: Delilah 67.63%

2nd: Jane Johnson 65.05% [DB ineligible]



Mid-week individual (to Thursday 15 October)

1st: Alex Cook 65.64% [DB ineligible]

2nd: Alex Matthews 64%


Start-of-week individual (to Tuesday 13 October)

1st: Alex Cook 69.55%

2nd: John Ferguson 68.9%


Weekend individual (to weekend of 10-11 October)

1st: Bryan Meagher 71.52%

2nd: Louise Keen 65.33% [DB ineligible]



Mid-week individual (to Thursday 8 October)

1st: Alex Cook 72.39% 

2nd: Jane Johnson 65.1%


Start-of-week individual (to Tuesday 6 October)

1st: Heath Henn 83.14%

2nd: Jane Johnson 72.6%


Weekend individual (to weekend of 3-4 October)

1st: Heath Henn 64.15% [DB ineligible]

2nd: Ingela Byelobrk 61.07%



Mid-week individual (to Thursday 1 October)

1st: Heath Henn 73.75% 

2nd: Alex Cook 62.32% [DB ineligible]



Start-of-week individual (to Tuesday 29 September)

1st: Louise Keen 66.25%

2nd: Ingela Byelobrk 59.16% [DB ineligible]



Individual to weekend of 26-27 September

Jane Johnson 68.75%

Inge Rogers and Marg Mahoney 61.45%



Mid-week individual (to Thursday 24 September)

1st: Ingela Byelobrk 73.34% 

2nd: Alex Cook 62.92%


Start-of-week individual (to Tuesday 22 September)

1st: Heath Henn 71.07%

2nd: Bryan Meagher 61.48%


Individual to weekend of 19-20 September

Alex Cook 66.66% [DB ineligible]

James Taylor 66.44%



Individual to weekend of 12-13 September

John Ferguson 62.82% 

Heath Henn 67.38%



Mid-week individual (to Thursday 10 September)

1st: Heath Henn 67.38% 

2nd: DelilahD 60.1%


Start-of-week individual (to Tuesday 8 September)

1st: Alex Cook 76.9%

2nd: Judith Oliver 71.87%


Individual to weekend of 5-6 September

heathen275 69.98% 

John Ferguson 65.76% 

Meg Cornelius 62.67%



Mid-week individual (to Thursday 3 September)

1st: Jane Johnson 63.06% 

2nd: John Ferguson and Louise Keen 62.5% [equal]



Start-of-week individual (to Tuesday 1 September)

1st: John Ferguson 69.19% [DB ineligible]

2nd: Alex Cook 66.96%


Individual to weekend of 29-30 August

1st: James Taylor 82.91% 

2nd: Bryan Meagher 74.76%




Mid-week individual (to Thursday 27 August)

1st: Meg Cornelius 69.61% 

2nd: Alex Cook 62.93% [DB ineligible]



Start-of-week individual (to Tuesday 25 August)

1st: Ingela Byelobrk 67.74% [DB ineligible]

2nd: Jane Johnson 66.34%



Individual to weekend of 22-23 August

1st: Alex Cook 66.192% [DB ineligible]

2nd: James Taylor 62.74%



Mid-week individual (to Thursday 20 August)

1st: Bryan Meagher 64.56% 

2nd: Alex Matthews 60.99%


Start-of-week individual (to Tuesday 18 August)

1st: Maureen Grey 70.03%

2nd: John Ferguson 66.91% [DB ineligible]



Individual to weekend of 15-16 August

1st: Meg Cornelius 78.92%

2nd: Alex Cook 70.22%



Mid-week individual (to Thursday 13 August)

1st: Jane Johnson 64.07%

2nd: Alex Cook 60.95%


Start-of-week individual (to Tuesday 11 August)

1st: Alex Cook 63.83%

2nd: Peter Walsh 62.05% [DB ineligible]



Weekend individual (to Monday 10 August)

1st: Maureen Davis 76.1% [DB ineligible]

2nd: Bryan Meagher 66.54%



Mid-week individual (to Thursday 6 August)

1st: Jane Johnson 73.43%

2nd: Alex Cook 62.5%


Start-of-week individual (to Tuesday 4 August)

1st: John Ferguson 68.66%

2nd: Louise Keen 67.33%


Weekend individual (to Monday 3 August)

1st: Jane Johnson 79.69%

2nd: Bryan Meagher 70.8% [DB ineligible]



Mid-week individual to Thursday 30 July

1st: Alex Cook 66.47%

2nd: Ingela Byelobrk 59.65%



Start-of-week individual to Tuesday 28 July

1st: Jane Johnson 76.25%

2nd: Ingela Byelobrk 71.25%



Weekend Individual (to Monday 27 July)

1st: Ingela Byelobrk 74.87% [DB ineligible]

2nd: Alex Cook 66.93%



Mid-week individual to Thursday 23 July

1st: Bryan Meagher 66.51%

2nd: Alex Cook 64.28%




Start-of-week individual to Tuesday 21 July

1st: Ingela Byelobrk 57.19%

2nd: Meg Cornelius 57.05%



We replaced our old Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday individuals with Start-of-week, Mid-week and Weekend events. Results of these in the transition period: Mid-week 16 July: 1st Mark Hetherington 64.58%, 2nd Jane Johnson 63.54%; Weekend 19 July: Alex Cook 61.16% [DB ineligible], Bryan Meagher 59.07%.


Saturday 18 July

1st: Alex Cook 72.91%

2nd: Ingela Byelobrk 60.93% [DB ineligible]


Thursday 16 July

1st: Bryan Meagher 65.41% [DB ineligible]

2nd: James Taylor 55.83%


Tuesday 14 July

1st: Bryan Meagher 63.04% [DB ineligible]

2nd: Alex Cook 58.43%


Saturday 11 July

1st: Bryan Meagher 68.75%

2nd: Ingela Byelobrk 67.78%


Thursday 9 July

1st: Alex Cook 78.15%

2nd: Ingela Byelobrk 63.77%


Tuesday 7 July

1st: Jane Johnson 71.25% [DB ineligible]

2nd: Ingela Byelobrk 70.41%



Saturday 4 July

1st: Louise Keen 65.1%

2nd: James Taylor 65.93%


Thursday 2 July

1st: Alex Cook 63.23%

2nd: Louise Keen 59.19%


Tuesday 30 June

1st: James Taylor 70.14%

2nd: Louise Keen 62.23%



Saturday 27 June

1st: Ingela Byelobrk 62.91% [DB ineligible]

2nd: James Taylor 61.66%

Best Intermediate & third overall: Peter Grant 60%




Thursday 25 June

1st: Jane Johnson 69.25%

2nd: Judith Oliver 59.09% [DB ineligible]



Tuesday 23 June

1st: Jane Johnson 61.08% [DB ineligible]

2nd: Sally Morton 58.34%



Saturday 20 June

1st: Ingela Byelobrk 73.45%

2nd: Alex Matthews 70.77%



Thursday 18 June

1st: Cliff Keen 61.61% [DB ineligible]

2nd: Ingela Byelobrk 60.35%

3rd/Intermediate Anthea Piddington 58.75%



Tuesday 16 June

1st: David Cay 64.93% [DB ineligible]

2nd: Anthea Piddington 61.11%



Saturday 13 June

1st: Anthea Piddington 66.36% [DB ineligible]

2nd: Ingela Byelobrk 64.27%

Best Intermediate: Louise Keen 57.96%



Thursday 11 June

1st: Ingela Byelobrk 69.03%

2nd: James Taylor 67.57%

Best Intermediate: David Cay 62.35%



Tuesday 9 June

1st: Judith Oliver 66.11%

2nd: Yan Tang 57.89%

Best Intermediate: Mira Stojkovic 56.57%




Saturday 6 June

1st: Cliff Keen 58.33% [DB ineligible]

2nd: Ingela Byelobrk 57.5%



Thursday 4 June

1st: Alex Cook 71.87%

2nd: Jane Johnson 70.31%

(Derrick did not play, so there is no hand analysis today, sorry)



Tuesday 2 June

1st: Ingela Byelobrk 70.96%

2nd: Jane Johnson 61.46%

Tuesday Board 6 with analysis


Saturday 30 May

1st: Alex Cook 79.77% (our record highest score!)

Best intermediate: Cliff Keen 57.72%



Thursday 28 May

1st: Ingela Byelobrk 66.42% [DB ineligible]

2nd: Alex Cook 64.94%

Best intermediate: Louise Keen 53.24%

Thursday 28 May board 2 with analysis



Tuesday 26 May

1st: Bryan Meagher 65.25%

2nd: Ellen Borda 61.74%

Best intermediate: Louise Keen 57.21%

Tuesday board 2 analysis



Saturday 23 May

1st: James Taylor 69.18

2nd: Ingela Byelobrk 61.31% [DB ineligible]



Thursday 21 May

Sorry that FunBridge server was down for maintenance and many of you missed out on playing! Of those who did manage to finish:

1st: James Taylor 68.68

2nd: Jane Johnson 63.66


Results - Tuesday 19 May

1st: Alex Cook 70.31%

Best Intermediate & 2nd overall: Cliff Keen 67.39%

Board 7 with analysis


Results - Saturday 16 May

1st: Jane Johnson 61.35%

2nd: Bryan Meagher 60.93%

Best Intermediate: Alex Matthews 60.31%

Commentary on Board 1


Results - Thursday 14 May

1st: Ingela Byelobrk 65.99%

2nd: James Taylor 65.25%

Best Intermediate: Jane Johnson 61.88%

Thursday 14 May deal with commentary



Results - Tuesday 12 May

1st: Maureen Grey 60.02% [DB ineligible] 

2nd: James Taylor 57.75%

Best Intermediate: Louise Keen 53.09%

Tuesday 12 May deal with commentary



Results - Saturday 9 May

1st: Ingela Byelobrk 70.99% 

2nd: Sally Morton 66.62% [DB ineligible] 

Saturday 9 May deal with commentary


Results - Thursday 7 May

1st: James Taylor 70.01% 

Best Intermediate: David Cay 61.33% 

Thursday 7 May deal with commentary


Results - Tuesday 5 May

1st: Ingela Bjelobrk 71.7%

2nd: Alex Cook 67.91% 

Best Intermediate: Peter Grant 54.32% 

Tues 5 May,_Bd7 commentary by Derrick


Results - Saturday 2 May

1st: Alex Cook 59.84% [DB ineligible]

Best Intermediate and 2nd overall: Jane Johnson & Bryan Meagher 58.04% 

Sat_2 May Bd7 commentary


Results - Thursday 30 April

Best Open player: Ellen Borda 57.18%

Best Intermediate and overall: David Cay 60.67%

Third overall: Bryan Meagher 55.1% 

Thur_30 April Bd1 commentary 


Results - Tuesday 28 April

Best Open player: Alex Cook 65.72% [DB ineligible]

Best Intermediate: Mira Stojkovic 62.79% 

Plus second overall was Alex Kemeny 63.26%

Tuesday 28 April Board 7 commentary


Results - Saturday 25 April

Best Open player: Alex Cook 62.07% [of eligible]

Best Intermediate: Bryan Meagher 59.04% 

Plus second overall was James Taylor 61.52%

20200425_Sat_Bd5 commentary


Results - Thursday 23 April

We are experimenting with recording the top Open, Intermediate and sometimes Supervised instead of the top four players overall; let us know what you think of this idea.

Best Open player: Meg Cornelius 59.2% [DB ineligible]

Best Intermediate: Cliff Keen 58.8% (Trumpsters Cliff and Louise are in the UK for a few years but expect to return in future]

Plus third overall was James Taylor 57.99%

commentary on one deal

See the whole set with Alex Kemeny:


Results - Tuesday 21 April

1. Inge Rogers 63.92

2. Eric Lippey 62.95 

3. Mira Stojkovic 58.25

4. Sandeep Niraula 57.8

Click here for commentary on_Tues_Bd8


Results - Saturday 18 April

1. Elizabeth Neil 62.49 [DB ineligible]

2. Bryan Meagher 60.82 

3. Helena Canaris 57.17

4. Anthea Piddington 57.76

Click here for commentary on_Sat_Board 2


Results - Thursday 16 April

1. Alex Kemeny 64.99

2. Judy Oliver 64.87 

3. Bryan Meagher 59.85 [DB ineligible]

4. Mark Hetherington 56.93

Click here for commentry on board 2 by Derrick


Results - Tuesday 14 April

1. Alex Kemeny 76.99

2. Ellen Borda 57.24 [DB ineligible]

3. Derek Ponsford 56.6  

4. Rob Holgate 56.4

Click here for commentary on Bd1


Results - Saturday 11 April

1. Alex Kemeny 67.61

2. Helena Canaris 64.73

3. Neil Williams 64.41

4. Rob Holgate 62.61

Deal_7 commentary Sat 11 April