How to play on BBO

  • Click here to view instructions how to register for BBO.
  • Watch video on how to add friends including Trumps friends.
  • Watch video by Alex Kemeny on How to play bridge on BBO.
  • Watch video by Alex Kemeny on How to start a teams match. 
  • Click here to view the NSWBA's guide on how to play on BBO.

    (Note: Most of the videos show a computer. If you are using your smart phone or tablet things may look a bit different but it's the same procedure.) 

    Playing in Trumps BBO sessions

    "I just want to thank you for organising this game on line. I'm sure it took some effort and I really enjoyed it and appreciated it." -Rhonda Langley.

    If you have not yet given us your BBO username, contact details and other information by completing our Trumps Online Registration Form, please do so.

    We currently host the following masterpointed duplicates on BBO:

    1pm Wednesdays

    All games are at the minimum permissable charge (BB$3) under their new hosting rights. See at the bottom of this section regarding Bridgebase dollars (BB$).


    We advise tournament times on this site and via the contact provided in your Trumps Online Form, but the games themselves are on the website. If you need a partner you can use Pianola partner finder feature or look up your friends on the Trumps online form (you should have saved the link after you completed it), or register at the partnership desk at the BBO tournament that you are playing.

    Before joining our BBO sessions, please first familiarise yourself with the site. Ensure you are comfortable with how to bid and how to play the cards, so you do not need to worry about holding up the other players in a tournament. Also, make sure you have filled in your profile so your fellow Trumpsters can see who you are, and that you have completed a convention card so everyone knows your system.

    Having said all that, this is a learning curve for all of us. Please be helpful and friendly. We have players with different levels of experience, both with the game itself and with the technology. If you normally play in social or supervised games, let us know if you would like us to establish a restricted game, and what times suit you.

    A checklist before joining one of our BBO games:

    • Ensure your account has BB$
    • At least 15 to 45 minutes (depending on your experience level) before the start of the session (which only appears two hours before start), you should both login to BBO.
    • One of you needs to register you both as a pair in the tournament. Easiest is probably to go via Virtual Clubs, and then the ABF - Australia section, and you should see our event with perhaps a few others. Or alternatively, click on Competitive and search for Trumps in All Tournaments; this 1min how-to video guide may help.
    • If you are stuck before the start of the event, you could try calling one of our directors e.g. Trumps 9969-5959, Derrick 0412 947 279, Nick 0414 601 175, or Helena 0416 159 003.
    • Make sure you and partner are both at your computers and ready for the tournament at least five minutes before it starts. Ensure you are logged into BBO and have not moved to the Casual areas as start time approaches (also, note that if you and your partner/friend are on BBO but one is in the Casual area, you cannot expect to see each other on the People list). When the game commences you will then find yourself at your table with partner, opponents, and boards to play. The clock is now ticking - GO!
    • The chat function at the bottom of your screen should now change from broadcasting to our whole "Lobby" to being now seen only by your "Table". Say hello to your opponents.
    • You "self-alert" your own bids (if unusual or artificial) using the option at the bottom of your bidding box, which also allows you to offer an explanation. This is visible to your opponents, not to partner. You can also click on an opponent's bid to see if an explanation comes up (or click on anyone's name to see the system profile for that person).
    • There is a CLAIM button which can be used if you want to claim tricks, and also generally an UNDO button to request a change; this is for misclicks (finger errors); but see "other tips" below.
    • If necessary, call the Director using the blue button with the three horizontal lines
    • Most of our games are clocked, meaning everyone moves at the same time (if you are running behind, your score on that board will be adjusted) 
    • If you suffer a disconnection during the game, connect again and we will attempt to put you back in your seat as soon as possible (someone else may sit there in the interim) 
    • When time permits (if you finish a round early), take the chance to socialise with fellow members of Trumps and our associated clubs.
    • Enjoy the game, tell your friends, and let us know any feedback!


    Other tips:

    • Players will generally not be permitted to UNDO (especially for errors that could not be corrected in a face-to-face game, e.g. the dropping of an honour card by a defender). If you do request UNDO due to a misclick and opponents refuse and director is called, be aware that the director(s) will only grant it in the clearest of cases (examples MIGHT be a player who has difficulty controlling a mouse due to a medical condition, or declarer with A-J-x who plays the jack under the king which was led by an opponent, when clearly the ace or the small card would have been intended; but this is at the discretion of the director). 
    • To prevent misclicks, we suggest you activate “Confirm bids” and “Confirm cards” (if you have not yet done this, go into BBO and click on Account, then click on Settings, and then turn on the button for both of these).
    • please ensure you have your name in your profile (first and surname; borderline rulings e.g. on misinformation will go against anyone who does not)
    • partner a human rather than robot as often as possible, and this is required to win masterpoints in our red point Wednesday 1pm duplicate


    What are Bridge Base Dollars?

    Bridge Base Dollars (BB$) are like pre-paid entry fees. They are added to your account primarily when you purchase BB$. They are deducted from your account when you purchase entry to tournaments such as Trumps duplicates, as well as when you rent a robot, and so on.

    Restrictions on Bridge Base Dollars

    BB$ are not refundable, nor can they be withdrawn as cash. BB$ purchased on the site expire three years after your username becomes inactive (no logins to BBO). 

    How to purchase BB$

    Pay on the BBO site via a credit card (or Paypal account). Or pay us to transfer BB$ to you - but this requires approval from BBO which takes time.

    Beware of purchasing BB$ via a mobile phone or tablet - this may attract a significant Apple/Android surcharge. For example (subject to exchange rates), BB$1 might cost A$1.65 (including transaction fees) from the website, but if purchased on a mobile phone or tablet, the cost of each BB$ might rise to A$2.50.