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Trumps is closed for F2F bridge due to the stay at home orders. Sessions are to resume as soon as government regulations permit (if this is the Monday after NSW hits 70% double-vaxxed, we expect it to be Monday 11 October). Our directors e.g. Derrick, Helena, San and Nick, have been double COVID-vaccinated. Players will also need to prove this status to be able to play at that time.

(Our games at Rowers, RACA, Monash, Baytree, Balmoral, Manors and Manly club are also suspended.)


BBO Tournaments (vABF2259)

How to play on BBO

  • Tuesday afternoons 1pm
  • Tuesday nights 7pm
  • Wednesday afternoons (Red points) 1pm
  • Thursday individual (New!) 1pm
  • Saturday afternoons 1pm

Registration open for Spring teams which will be held online (BBO) this year 10am Sunday 3 October view flyer

Standard System card (pdf)

FunBridge Tournaments

Search for Trumps bridge under exclusive tournament. The following session names should appear:

  • Trumps Start-of-week Individual (48 hours to 4pm Tuesdays)
  • Trumps Mid-week Individual (48 hours to 4pm Thursdays)
  • Trumps Weekend Individual  (Play during the weekend if possible, or anytime in the six days to 9am Mondays)

You need to enter the password (which we will supply to Trumps members and friends). We do not charge anything, but once you use up your initial allowance of free deals, you need to buy more to use FunBridge.

Bidding problem September


Trumps update September 2021!

trumps update mar


Watch this video 

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All information about F2F bridge on this site will be applicable only when lockdown is lifted. On Thursday 9 September 2021, it was announced that stay-at-home orders for adults who have received both doses of COVID vaccine are expected to be lifted from the Monday after NSW passes 70% double-vaxxed. Freedoms will include: hospitality venues and indoor recreation facilities can open under the one person per 4sqm rule (this limits Trumps sessions to about 13 tables). The 70% target should be reached around 17 October, so it is likely we will be able to reopen either Monday 18 October or Monday 25 October.  

If attending Trumps:

* "all workplaces and retail businesses must use the NSW Government QR code to check in all visitors" so on the assumption this includes Trumps, everyone is asked to scan our QR code (displayed at the club). We anticipate a green tick will indicate you are double-vaxxed, as required.

* 4sqm rule applies, so limited to 50 customers (staff are on top of this); an extra couple of tables could play in the Studio.

* You are welcome to book

* Do not come to play if you live or work in one of the specified local government areas or any other hotspot, or if at risk in any way

* The government has mandated the wearing of masks (subject to certain exceptions)

One question is about checking in via a QR code. To quote from the NSW government's COVID-19 website"hospitality venues and hairdressers must use the NSW Government QR code system". It is not clear whether we are included as hospitality. When you play in one of our competitions, you are registered on our scoring system (so we have an accurate record of attendance), but we still encourage you to use the QR code, and it is mandatory if you are not recording your details via Bridgemate, e.g. if you are a private table, or in a lesson which is not scored on the computer.

Club games at Trumps (Download latest program)


Monday: 9.50am supervised duplicate, 1.20pm Open duplicate, 1.20pm stationary duplicate (novices & others). 7pm supervised

Tuesday: 9.50am supervised duplicate, 1.20pm duplicate, 7pm duplicate

Wednesday: 10am Lessons, 1.15pm social duplicate, 7pm Intermediate duplicate

Thursday: 9.50am supervised duplicate, 9.50am Intermediate duplicate, 1.20pm duplicate

Friday:10am duplicate,  1.20pm duplicate (Red/Gold points), 7pm duplicate (sometimes Red/Gold points)

Saturday: 10am supervised, 1:30pm duplicate

By entering the premises, you acknowledge you are not exhibiting any symptoms that are typical of COVID-19, and are not at risk through (in the last 14 days) having visited a COVID hotspot or having had contact with any person you have reason to suspect could have this virus. You agree that you will accept our conditions such as: scrubbing hands upon arrival, and/or sanitising; playing only at our oversized tables or behind Perspex screens; supplying your contact details if we do not have them; exhibiting good hygiene throughout the session; and acceding to any other request (including mask wearing) made by staff in the interests of the safety or comfort of other attendees.

Note that despite the many precautionary measures in place, and the low rates of colds, flu, COVID and other transmissable illnesses, we cannot guarantee you could not catch something during a visit to the club.

If you prefer to avoid face-to-face play, or do not wish to play under our strict conditions, join our FunBridge games. We do not charge anything for these, and you do not need a partner (robots are supplied).