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Partner's new suit response after a weak two opening

AC wrote: This happened at our informal Monday duplicate session. I was called over to bid on a hand where one partner had to leave unexpectedly. I was dealer, sitting West. We play SAYC and E-W were vulnerable. I held:

S AQTxxx
H xxx
D xxx
C 9

The bidding went:

W  N  E  S
2S 3D 4C Pass

I had described my hand as limited and assumed that the 4C bid showed length and strength. I ended up passing and my temporary partner told me I should have rebid my spades. How would you have interpreted his bid and should I have said bid else? (I know my preempt pushed the envelope!)

Derrick replied: Your weak two opening is a fine one, with the vulnerability the only factor that could call it into any question. If you play partner's 4C as non-forcing, then pass; otherwise I guess you must rebid 4S.


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