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After partner doubles their 4S opening?

LS asked: If the opponent to my left opens 4S, and my partner doubles, is it wrong for me to pass if I feel we can set them and I don't have a major or 5 card minor?

Derrick responded: It is very common to pass a double of a game-level bid such as 4S, even if the double is (in principle) for takeout. As you suggest, at this high level you may pass because you have no good suit of your own to show. You might do this even if you have no reason to think you can set (defeat) them! For example:


S 432
H 432
D 5432
C 532

With this hand, pass when partner doubles their 4S opening, even if you play the double as takeout. If partner has a great hand you may defeat 4S, and even if they make 4S doubled, that may be cheaper than if you bid 5D and get doubled.

David added: You might also want to talk with your partner about using a 4NT overcall in this situation to show a highly distributional two suiter hand. This would provide partner with a useful non-passable takeout with something like:  -  KQJxxx x KQJxxx. 

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