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Tune in and turn on...

A hand from a Trumps duplicate caused difficulties in both bidding and play. See how you would have fared.

With both sides vulnerable, you are dealer with the following hand:


The heart suit is a little thin for a weak two, so you pass. Partner opens 1C, you respond 1H, and partner rebids 2D. This is a "reverse" - a new suit higher than rebidding the opened suit, promising over 16 points and forcing for one round. You rebid 2H to show the extra length.

Now partner bids 3D. Your call?

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Flair without finesse

On the hand below, South was in a 6S contract and had to find the best line to avoid two losers. Plan your play after West leads the Queen of hearts.

WEST                 EAST
 43                  52
 QJT                 93
 T7543               KJ986
 KJT                 9872


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Confidence and Caution

When a hand seems easy, try to cater for bad things that might happen. Consider this hand from a congress:

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Bending the Rules

Bridge players, like great artists, need to understand the rules but also know when to break them. One such rule is "always return your partner's lead". The rule is a fine one, but a bridge player will tell you it is always wrong to say "always".

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Try this hand contributed by Tony Allen (playing East, dealer):

WEST              EAST
 AJ8              KQ7432
 A732             5
 653              Q72
 KT7              A62

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It is good tactics to dislodge the opponents from the comfort of the 2-level when they are in an obvious fit. The practice of reopening the bidding when the opponents are about to stop at a low level is known as "balancing". For example, your right hand opponent opens 1S, you pass, and responder raises to 2S, passed around back to you. What action should you take as West?

Nil vulnerable, dealer South.

WEST                EAST
 J                  K95
 KJT5               A982
 Q76432             KT8
 Q6                 JT3

S     W     N     E
1S    P     2S    P
P     ?

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