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Try this hand contributed by Tony Allen (playing East, dealer):

WEST              EAST
 AJ8              KQ7432
 A732             5
 653              Q72
 KT7              A62

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It is good tactics to dislodge the opponents from the comfort of the 2-level when they are in an obvious fit. The practice of reopening the bidding when the opponents are about to stop at a low level is known as "balancing". For example, your right hand opponent opens 1S, you pass, and responder raises to 2S, passed around back to you. What action should you take as West?

Nil vulnerable, dealer South.

WEST                EAST
 J                  K95
 KJT5               A982
 Q76432             KT8
 Q6                 JT3

S     W     N     E
1S    P     2S    P
P     ?

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The Curse of 3NT

At Easter time, I dug up this hand from a previous Easter Teams:


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