Adding or editing articles

We welcome content of interest to our readers. This item will guide you through the process of contributing or editing an article on this site. Given how powerful it is, it is relatively simple. Here's how:

  1. Log in - if you are not already a member with the necessary author permission level then read Joining the community and/or Different permission levels.
  2. Click on the Add Content menu link at the right end of the main horizontal menu. This will open up the authoring screen. If you cannot see this Add Content menu link then go back to step 1.
  3. Complete the Authoring form that appears. It can be very simple. You need to complete:
    * A title for the article - not long but needs to convey the content idea
    * Your articulation of the issue or subject - Make sure your first paragraph is a succinct summary of the key elements as only this will appear on summary pages - no more than 3 lines. Then from the second paragraph develop your coverage of the item. Remember to include everything you want the reader to know. Be sparse with any text formatting - use it only for key words etc if at all. Now put the cursor back to the end of the first paragraph and insert a Read More separator (using the Read More button at the bottom of the authoring pane).
    * If you want to insert an external or internal web link then check out Adding a web link to an article.
    * If you want to insert an image then check out Adding/editing images to an article.
    * If you want to insert a media item then check out Adding/editing media to an article.
    * If you want to insert a link to a file you have already or want to upload to the site then check out Linking to a file that you upload.
    * There are a large number of other editor icons above the main input window, many of which will be self-explanatory and familiar. Placing the cursor over an icon will reveal its self-explanatory name - some are only accessible when some text is selected.
    * Underneath the authoring text area, make your choice of Information Section for this contribution. You will then need to choose a Category within this Section. NOTE - this choice of Section and Category is a critical step - leaving these blank will mean no-one (including you) will be able to find your content on the live site - should this happen you will need to contact the webmaster.
    * Check the Show on Front Page radio button if you think this item should also appear on the site's front page and in the associated RSS feed.
    * Add a Finish Publishing date (click on the calendar icon at the end of the field) for items that should be automatically unpublished (eg after an event is over).
    * Leave the rest of the fields at their default values, unless you want to add some metadata to help search engines find your item.
  4. Click on the Save button at the top of the authoring page. This will send the draft article to a Publisher member who will scan it for appropriate choice of Section and Category, consistency with the Community's Vision and formatting, and possibly pick up a typo on the way. They will not be verifying the accuracy of what you have written. When this is done your article will appear on the live site.
  5. If the comment feature is enabled for your article, you will be automatically advised by email if another member adds a comment to your item and you may wish to add a comment in response.
  6. You can also edit an existing article you authored to improve it based on these comments or on what you have learned elsewhere. When you are logged in you will see a pen and paper icon next to the title of your articles (or against all articles if you are an Editor or Publisher) - click on this to return to the authoring screen.

Articles input or uploaded to this site can include original articles or material that has been prepared for other purposes, such as presentations, journals or internal use, provided that you hold the copyright or confirm with the copyright holder that they permit the material to be published on this site.

Articles can optionally include links to documents or files already located on another internet site and/or to documents or files that you upload to this community site. Documents or files that are linked or uploaded will need an introductory message that will introduce the document to readers on the relevant pages of this site.

This Help/FAQ item is designed to help people who are new to this Community. If you think it can be improved, please contact the webmaster.

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